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The 5 Best Coronavirus Stocks to Buy Now The Motley Fool

Both, however, will need critical regulatory approvals before they can take full advantage of those revenue sources. Buying shares before the companies get those approvals offers investors a chance at better returns. Zoom Video Communications (ZM -1.13%) is helping us adapt to COVID-19 by enabling us to more easily work and learn from home. Hundreds of millions of people have turned to Zoom’s cloud-based video, voice, and chat tools to stay in contact with colleagues, teachers, friends, and family during the health crisis.

  • For most people, that’s a much better bet than stock-picking and frequent trading, numerous studies show.
  • The bank is currently going through a restructuring and winding down some less profitable parts of the financial conglomerate’s business, which impacted the bank’s profits this quarter.
  • Some hope to receive authorization or approval in the not-too-distant future.
  • Check out the short video to learn more, consider subscribing, and click the special offer link below.
  • South Korea’s Kospi popped 2.35% to hit a two-week high, boosted by chip firms.

That’s especially true if selling right now will only mean converting hypothetical losses into real, actual cash. If you wait and let the market recover, you can regain that value. Indeed, those investors who stayed put while the bottom was falling out of the market have already seen significant recovery in their savings. “I think the market is pretty overvalued,” power trend the CEO of DoubleLine Capital said on a company webcast. “It’s hard to love equities when the risk premium is the lowest in 17 years, by a lot.” “The US economy continues to run hot – the labor market is extremely tight and a number of executives we spoke to described their challenges in retaining staff and preventing competitors from poaching talent.

But Savage’s inflation fears make her leery of long-term bonds, where you’d be locking in today’s low rates for 10 years or so, as well as five-year, fixed-rate bank CDs. But, Krueger said, “At some time, you have to be concerned there will be another shoe that drops.” In a recent Allianz Life survey of 1,005 Americans, 54% said they’re worried the stock market hasn’t bottomed out yet. After the longest bull market in history, stocks took a nosedive in early 2020 due to coronavirus fears; what some called a “warp speed bear market.” Lately, though, they’ve jerked back up. Airlines are always a bit of a risky play, as so many factors that influence earnings — from fuel to labor to seasonal demand — can be volatile. However, it’s clear that Americans are eager to travel, as passenger counts from the TSA are already beginning to approach pre-pandemic levels. As leisure and domestic travel is likely to pick up more rapidly than international and business travel, Southwest Airlines seems particularly well-positioned to benefit from these increasing passenger numbers.

For months, it was virtually impossible to buy the company’s portable video game console, the Switch. And Animal Crossing, a relaxing Switch-exclusive game that let players explore and decorate an island while visiting other players’ islands, was heralded as “the game for the coronavirus moment.” “(Shopify) has the ability to capture share in e-commerce in the near term and is poised to benefit from the acceleration in e-commerce trends over time,” writes Wedbush analyst Ygal Arounian (Outperform). SHOP stock may not have another year quite like 2020, but it’s still among the market’s most attractive coronavirus stocks.

Inflation has consistently eased since reaching a high of 9% in June 2022, with the Consumer Price Index rising 3.7% last month. The cost of living is moving in the right direction, with many experts saying inflation will likely continue easing through 2024. However, Wall Street remains apprehensive, as many companies have continued to suffer from reductions in consumer spending. I think having a diversified portfolio and reviewing it with your financial and investment advisors is very important. Spiking demand for employee collaboration and video conferencing solutions. Finally, one of the oldest, largest, and most established tech companies has also made lemons out of lemonade, and it’s positioned to continue pressing its advantage.

But while Oracle beat earnings-per-share expectations, revenue came in a little lighter relative to Wall Street’s estimates. Revenue was up just 8.7% on the year, a marked deceleration from the 18% growth in the prior quarter. With September’s producer price index coming out later today, and the consumer price index Thursday, investors can better judge how much risk is worth taking — or if a safer asset like the U.S.

These companies haven’t even started to report revenue from their COVID-19 projects yet.

For what it’s worth, America (and the rest of the world) has been reducing its cash use for decades. It also lit a fire under PayPal stock, which is up nearly 90% year-to-date, and should benefit as many expect online shopping to continue apace, and cash use to decline further. The company has several growth drivers, notably including its FreeStyle Libre continuous glucose monitoring devices. Abbott also recently increased its dividend for the 50th consecutive year, joining the elite group of stocks known as Dividend Kings.

Airlines may be struggling, but by next summer those planes will be full again. Since November 2000, despite numerous crises and downturns, a basic investment with 60 percent stock and 40 percent bonds in broad U.S. market index funds returned nearly 300 percent. Instead, for long-term investing, it’s far more sensible for most people to seek absolutely average returns, without trying to pick favorites or time the movements ayondo forex broker review of the markets. Market uncertainty makes now an excellent time to invest in solid growth stocks with plans to hold shares for the long term. Companies active in consistently expanding industries might suffer temporary dips if faced with macroeconomic headwinds but could offer significant gains over many years. So, strengthen your portfolio by considering an investment in these two growth stocks this October.

Pfizer will also lose key patents for several drugs later in the decade. [PRO] Safety in dividend stocksInvestors worried about recent volatility in markets — surging oil prices, spiking Treasury yields and the Israel-Hamas war — can turn to safe stocks with high dividends, said analysts. After screening for such stocks, CNBC Pro found 10 with dividend yield above 4% and a debt-to-capital ratio of less than 80%, among other criteria. During a recession it’s common to instinctively bail on the market. Many retail investors want to get their money out of assets that seem vulnerable to a free fall, which might make perfect sense from an emotional point of view. Another indicator that shows the richness of stocks relative to debt is the so-called equity risk premium — or the extra return on shares over government debt, which is considered a safer form of investment.

Great Stocks to Buy With the Omicron Variant Spreading Like Wildfire

Aside from the COVID-19 vaccine, the company’s lead drug candidate is an experimental mRNA therapy targeting melanoma and other solid tumors. BioNTech’s drug pipeline also includes multiple early-stage candidates targeting various types of cancer. Nevertheless, Pfizer appears well-positioned to deliver solid price growth at least for the next five years or more. The company pays an attractive dividend, making the stock a favorite of income-seeking investors. Is it too late to invest in the stocks of leading COVID-19 vaccine makers? Sure, vaccines are now widely available in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

How To Invest Safely During Covid-19

Pfizer already has a $5.29 billion deal with the U.S. to provide 10 million doses of Paxlovid pending authorization. Although the drug hasn’t won authorizations anywhere yet, they’re likely on the way soon. An intense surge in COVID-19 cases could lead to even more sales for Paxlovid. You probably expected that vaccine makers would benefit from the spread of the omicron variant. But Pfizer (PFE -2.46%) could be a winner on two different fronts. That’s why two personal finance experts and I just released the new investing episode of our Friends Talk Money podcast, Managing Money in a New Covid-19 Economy (available wherever you get podcasts).

Focus Your Investment Portfolio Around Funds

Looking under the hood, all of Oracle’s segments decelerated relative to the prior quarter. The biggest slowdown was in its cloud software, which was up just 17%, versus the prior quarter’s aaafx forex broker review 47% growth. However, a lot of the slowdown was likely due to lapping a full quarter of revenue from Cerner, the health information-technology company Oracle bought in June of 2022.

Tips for Investing During the Time of Coronavirus

You can even that out by investing your money in the entire market – think the Russell 3000 – and letting the chips fall on specific companies where they may. That is a very legitimate concern, and it’s important to balance your need for cash today against your need for cash in retirement. At the same time, for anyone with money to invest, right now represents an extraordinary opportunity. In this session, Investopedia’s Editor-in-Chief Caleb Silver spoke with Liz Ann Sonders, chief investment strategist at Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

Brad Moon is a tech industry veteran who contributes to a range of publications including Forbes, InvestorPlace and MSN Money and is an original member of the award-winning GeekDad blog. Over the past decade, he has also written about technology for Wired, Gizmodo, Shaw Media,, The Winnipeg Free Press and others. Indeed, the stock has more than tripled so far this year as everyone got onboard that train. Shares had mostly treaded water for a couple years prior, despite the fact that the appeal of DocuSign’s offerings had been growing for years. While Nintendo might get somewhat overlooked given the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, the Switch should still make it onto many Christmas wishlists.

However, this move will leave J&J with its two fastest-growing segments, pharmaceutical and medical devices. If you’re searching for a way to protect and grow your wealth in 2021, here are five excellent companies that are poised for even more strength during the pandemic — and in the years that follow. The S&P 500 rose 0.52%, the Dow Jones Industrial Average picked up 0.4% and the Nasdaq Composite advanced 0.58%.

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